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Soccer Training Equipment For The Next Level

Player development demands excellence on many levels, and your soccer training equipment is no exception. Bring out your best with the best soccer training equipment in the game today with Agora. Renowned for its durability, exceptional design, and affordable prices, Agora soccer training gear is trusted by coaches and players at all levels across the country. With Agora's full range of equipment, you can find the right training tools to develop all parts of your game.

To sharpen passing accuracy and dribbling, training arches (as known as passing gates) are a popular pick. These can also be used simultaneously for speed hurdle drills.


For speed and agility training, you have several options to consider. Training sticks, sometimes referred to as soccer poles, give coaches the ability to create numerous drills and get creative with team practices. By separating each stick at different distances and at different angles, either upright or slightly angled, coaches can simulate different scenarios and teach players to weave in and out of traffic, bend their knees as they exit out, and keep their eyes up while dribbling. Other options include speed hurdles, agility ladders, and agility rings. Cones, training discs, and spot markers are also simple but effective training aids.


Off-foot or 'weak' foot training is a must for all players with the goal of competing at the highest level. Having your off-foot be just as powerful as your dominant foot gives you an edge over your defenders. Overzealous defenders that overcommit to one side can be out dribbled off the other side. Soccer rebounders are excellent to build off-foot strength through repetitive exercises. Rebounders, like the Agora Adjustable Rebounder, are commonly used for goalkeeper training drills as well.


For solo or individual soccer training drills, strength training with resistance leg bands and speed parachutes are solid choices. The Agora Bungee Ball Net Kicker is a top pick to improve ball control and juggling.


Scrimmage with durable soccer training vests and jersey bibs, and keep the whole team hydrated with our sports bottle carrier set.


Keep team practices going with indoor soccer training equipment. Choose from training arches, agility sticks, speed hurdles, and hurdle cones specially designed for turf fields and other delicate surfaces like hardwood floors in many gymnasiums.


Sharpen your skills, build confidence, and find your game with the best soccer training equipment at Sator Soccer.