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Best Soccer Balls for All Levels

Finding the best soccer ball is not always easy. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know which ball is best for you. Whether you have a love for playing soccer either recreationally or competitively, it's important to know the different traits of a good quality ball for game play or practice. Good soccer balls are typically constructed from quality materials that help it last longer and perform well under intense use, giving you better value for your investment.


Polyurethane covers offer several benefits, including improved durability, excellent feel and touch on the ball, water resistance, and can withstand most, if not all, weather conditions. Reinforced butyl bladders support maximum air retention. Latex bladders, though soft and lightweight, are porous and prone to air loss. The lining behind a Polyurethane cover is also critical to the performance of the ball. Cotton and polyester backing are used to maintain the shape and flight of the ball. A combination of cotton and polyester backing is preferred, with more layers applied to higher performance balls. Multi-ply fabric designs provide even more toughness.


There are also soccer ball sizes to consider: size 3 soccer balls are recommended for Divisions U6 to U8; size 4 soccer balls are recommended for Divisions U9 to U12; and size 5 soccer balls are recommended for Divisions U13 and up.