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Soccer Corner Flags

Get the best soccer corner flags for sale at the best value. Sator Soccer offers the full line of AGORA Soccer Corner Flags in a variety of designs, including corner flags for artificial turf fields, hardwood, natural grass, and more. All AGORA Soccer Corner Flags are 5 feet regulation height, portable, and engineered to withstand tough match play and poor weather for years to come. With high visibility, vividly colored flags (and poles with our Pro Line series), players, coaches, and officials can easily discern where the touch line is. So, which corner flag set is best suited for your soccer field?


For games and tournaments held outdoors on natural grass surfaces, consider the ground soil. Is your field composed of soft, medium, or hard ground soil? For hard soil, AGORA Corner Flags with a hammer plate base is recommended, which gives you the ability to safely use the blunt force of a mallet or hammer to drive the corner flag's spike into the ground. For soft or medium soil types, a dual‐prong or step‐on base are great options.


For matches held on artificial turf, hardwood, and other indoor surfaces, the AGORA Pro Line Indoor‐Turf Corner Flag Set is highly recommended. Its weighted steel cross base reduces the risk of corner flag tip‐over, while its built‐in rubber feet protect delicate surfaces. Not to mention its professional styling gives games an elite feel.


Match play intensity and skill level can also be factored in. As you progress into more skilled play, player strength and striking power typically increases in tandem. Albeit all AGORA Corner Flags are built to endure hard repetitive impact, corner flags with and without a spring‐loaded base reacts differently to ball and player impact. Corner flags with a spring‐loaded base absorbs and dispels impact energy, helping to retain the pole's original position. Corner flags without a spring base are less forgiving.


No matter your style of play and environment, find the right set of corner flags at affordable prices at Sator Soccer.