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Quality Soccer Balls for All Levels

Take games and practices to the next level with quality soccer balls from Sator Soccer. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best soccer balls in the country, focusing on premium materials, quality manufacturing, and affordability. Shop a variety of soccer balls in several sizes and designs, including official match soccer balls, soccer balls for practice, futsal, indoors, and more.

The Best Soccer Balls for Games and Practices

When it comes to the game of soccer, having a reliable and durable ball is essential. At Sator Soccer, we offer only top-quality soccer balls for sale, crafted with superior construction and materials. Our soccer balls are designed to withstand the intense pressure, impact, and wear of the game. With reinforced stitching, robust outer shells, and high-quality bladder materials, our balls provide exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to flimsy balls that lose shape or durability after a few kicks. With Sator Soccer's soccer balls, you get a ball that can keep up with your passion for the game.


Sator Soccer offers a variety of quality engineered soccer balls for sale in various styles to match the way you play. Shop match balls, training balls, futsal balls, and more for kids and adult soccer. Many of these soccer balls feature a premium reinforced butyl bladder for enhanced air retention, multi-ply lining for increased strength, and all-weather design so you can get out and play, rain or shine. The Osprey Soccer Ball is a popular choice amongst coaches, clubs, and parents for its durability, premium materials, and soft touch all at a competitive price. It's also all-weather capable. Bulk discounts are also available on select soccer balls. With sharp and distinctive designs, these soccer balls will impress players and spectators alike. For affordably priced soccer balls that can last season after season, shop Sator Soccer.


Our soccer balls are engineered for optimal flight and ball control, allowing you to showcase your skills with confidence and precision. With advanced panel designs and expert craftsmanship, our balls offer consistent and true flight, ensuring accurate passing and shooting. The high-quality materials used in our balls provide a responsive feel, allowing for exceptional ball control and touch. Whether you're a beginner or a professional player, our soccer balls will elevate your game to new heights.


What is the Best Soccer Ball Size for My Player?

Selecting the appropriate soccer ball size based on the age of your player is crucial for a player's development and enjoyment of the game. The size of the ball directly impacts ball control, shooting accuracy, and overall gameplay. We will explore the recommended soccer ball sizes for different age groups to help players, coaches, and parents make informed decisions.


Currently, the three common sizes are: Size 3 Soccer Balls, Size 4 Soccer Balls, and Size 5 Soccer Balls. Each size varies in circumference and estimated weight tailored to best support development, especially for youth soccer players. By having this normalized set of soccer ball sizes and weights, it’s easier for young players to grasp the game and familiarize themselves with controlling that particular size before progressing onto the next size. 


Size 3 Soccer Ball: Ages 8 and Under

Circumference: 23-24 inches

Weight: 11-12 ounces

Description: For younger players aged 8 and under, the recommended soccer ball size is the Size 3 ball. This smaller ball size promotes proper technique, ball control, and confidence on the field. The reduced weight and circumference make it easier for younger players to develop their skills without feeling overwhelmed. The Size 3 ball is commonly used in youth leagues and training programs.

Size 4 Soccer Ball: Ages 9 to 12

Circumference: 25-26 inches

Weight: 11-13 ounces

Description: From ages 9 to 12, players transition to the Size 4 soccer ball. With a slightly larger circumference and increased weight compared to the Size 3 ball, the Size 4 ball helps players develop their power and accuracy while maintaining ball control. The Size 4 ball also aids in enhancing a player's dribbling skills and game awareness. Many youth leagues and schools for this age group use the Size 4 ball in their competitions.

Size 5 Soccer Ball: Ages 13 and Up

Circumference: 27-28 inches

Weight: 14-16 ounces

Description: For players aged 13 and above, the recommended soccer ball size is the Size 5 ball. This is the standard ball size used in professional and international matches. The Size 5 ball has a maximum circumference and weight, providing a more challenging experience for older players. It allows them to refine their skills, improve their accuracy, and develop proper technique for powerful shots and long passes.


Diverse Perspectives and Influences

It is worth mentioning that there may be variations in recommended ball sizes depending on regional differences, cultural norms, and individual player preferences. In some cases, younger players may start training with the Size 4 ball earlier to accelerate their development and prepare them for a faster pace of play. Coaches, parents, and players should consult the guidelines provided by their local soccer associations or leagues to ensure compliance and consistency within their specific environment.


Choosing the appropriate soccer ball size based on age is crucial for a player's optimal development and enjoyment of the game. Starting with smaller sizes and gradually progressing to larger sizes allows players to adapt and refine their skills over time. By using the recommended ball size, players can enhance their ball control, accuracy, and overall performance on the field.


If you need assistance selecting the best soccer balls for your team, contact us or submit a volume pricing request.