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Goal Accessories

Using the proper goal accessories not only maximizes the life and value of your goals, more importantly, they help maintain a safe environment for players and personnel. This is especially important for movable soccer goals, as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Sator Soccer offers a wide range of heavy–duty Agora Goal Accessories, including soccer goal wheels, goal anchors, goal post pads, net ties, and more.


Movable goals MUST always be anchored and/ or counterbalanced to prevent serious injuries resulting from goal tip–over. To select the correct anchors for your goal, a few factors to consider are the surface the goal will be placed, the type of goal used, the goal's weight, and how often the goal will be disassembled or moved off the field for storage. For natural grass fields, choose from permanent and semi-permanent anchoring systems. For turf fields, anchor bags offer a safe way to add counterweight to your goal and avoid damage to turf surfaces. The total number of necessary anchor bags will vary on the weight and size of your goal.