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Find the Best Ball Pump to Match Your Needs

To play and practice at your best, having a properly inflated ball is important. Poorly inflated balls can hinder accuracy and make it difficult to place the adequate amount of weight on each pass or strike. Whether you're a coach or player training individually, it's key to have a reliable ball pump on the field at all times. Even the highest quality balls can gradually lose air over time, either as it sits idle in storage or after frequent use. As long as you have a ball pump around, you'll be in good shape. Sator Soccer offers a variety of ball pumps in different styles, sizes, and modes of operation. Choose from handheld ball pumps to electric ball pumps when you need to inflate a lot of balls, fast. With several options to choose from, which ball pump is best for you? Some key factors to consider when shopping for your next ball pump include portability, functionality, affordability, and inflation speed.


Handheld pumps offer the greatest portability, as many are compact enough to fit in most bags. In some cases, you may require an extended hose to reduce the tension on the metal needle as you foresee pumping multiple balls quickly. If you require the need to swap between using and not using an extension hose, the Agora 12" Aluminum Ball Pump is a solid option. If you prefer to have the hose built into the pump, the Agora 12" Double Action Ball Pump is recommended. For added comfort, each handheld pump features a grooved hand grip or body design. Dual or double action ball pumps gives you faster inflation speeds than standard pumps, as you inflate the ball with each push and pull of the piston. However, for the fastest method for inflating dozens of balls in a handful of minutes, the Agora Electric Ball Pump is the best option. You will need a reliable power source nearby if you choose to go this route.


For the best ball pump and accessories, including dual port ball pump needles and pressure gauges, Sator Soccer has you covered.