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Soccer Referee Gear & Equipment

As a referee, it’s your job to keep the game safe and fair, but it’s not always easy. AGORA Referee Gear & Equipment is here to help make your tough job a little easier. AGORA Referee Gear is designed for heavy-duty use to keep up with you and the game.


With AGORA Penalty Cards you can choose from simple red and yellow cards or advanced cards with raised dots to easily differentiate between colors. AGORA Write-On Penalty Cards allow you to keep track of penalties quickly, then transfer to the game report at the end of the match.


Capture everyone’s attention from the sideline. AGORA Referee Linesman Flags come with highly visible, bright red and gold colors. The heavy-duty flags attach to a warp-proof rod with an easy grip handle for durability and comfort.


Every second counts. AGORA Referee Watches and Whistles help soccer referees manage the game with ease. AGORA Referee Watches have multiple functions and large digital displays makes it easy to read when the game is moving fast. AGORA Whistles give the perfect pitch to be heard from anywhere on the field.


For all of your soccer referee gear needs, Sator Soccer has you covered.