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AGORA Soccer Nets: The Best in the Country, Guaranteed!

Unlike some soccer net brands, AGORA Soccer Nets provide true-to-size thickness: AGORA 3mm Nets are truly 3mm thick (while others advertise 3mm, their nets are only 2.5mm), and AGORA 4mm Nets are really 4mm thick (others are 3.5mm). A few shaved millimeters may seem harmless, however, this can substantially reduce the strength and life of the net, costing you more over time. Sator Soccer is proud to offer a wide selection of replacement soccer nets that meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines to help reduce the risk of injury to small children.

Important: To reduce the risk of serious player injury and to prolong the life of your AGORA Soccer Net, please remove the net when the goal is not in use.

Soccer Nets

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Premium-Quality Soccer Nets at Affordable Prices

Unmatched Durability, Performance & Value

At Sator Soccer, we understand the importance of top-quality soccer nets. That's why we offer only the best - AGORA Soccer Nets - for sale, designed to withstand rigorous use and demanding weather conditions. Our nets are made from durable, weather-resistant materials and feature robust construction, ensuring that they can withstand the force of even the strongest shots. Say goodbye to inferior nets that easily rip or tear. With AGORA Soccer Nets, you'll get longevity and peak performance, season after season. All of our nets are competitively priced and include FREE standard ground shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. 


Extensive Range of Sizes and Styles

Whatever your soccer needs, we've got you covered. At Sator Soccer, we offer an extensive range of soccer nets for sale, including different sizes and styles. Whether you're playing with full-sized or youth-sized goals, we have the perfect replacement soccer nets to suit your requirements. Whatever your preference or budget, we have a soccer net that meets your needs.


Elevate your soccer game with the best soccer nets for sale. Shop now and score big with soccer nets at Sator Soccer.