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AGORA Soccer Nets: The Best in the Country, Guaranteed!

Unlike some soccer net brands, AGORA Soccer Nets provide true-to-size thickness: AGORA 3mm Nets are truly 3mm thick (while others advertise 3mm, their nets are only 2.5mm), and AGORA 4mm Nets are really 4mm thick (others are 3.5mm). A few shaved millimeters may seem harmless, however, this can substantially reduce the strength and life of the net, costing you more over time. Sator Soccer is proud to offer a wide selection of replacement soccer nets that meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines to help reduce the risk of injury to small children.

Important: To reduce the risk of serious player injury and to prolong the life of your AGORA Soccer Net, please remove the net when the goal is not in use.

Soccer Nets

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