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Folding Team Benches

AGORA Portable Folding Benches give you instant group seating at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Available in 3 and 6 seat portable bench options. Features a built-in backrest for added comfort, light and resilient steel frame, and strong fabric that will last for years of games and events. No assembly is required for these sports benches - just unfold in one easy step and they're ready to use in seconds. When it's time to go, they quickly collapse into a compact size and fit inside a durable carrying bag (included with every AGORA Bench). These folding team benches are the perfect sideline seating solution to help players stay together, stay focused on the game, and recover before it's time to head back into play. More than just a soccer bench, AGORA Benches are great for other sports, spectators, and outdoor events.