About Us


It’s April 1996 – Major League Soccer kicked off its inaugural season to the tune of 17,000 fans per game on average. Months later, women’s soccer was introduced at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The U.S. Women’s National Team took home the inaugural gold medal by defeating China in a 2-1 thriller in front of 76,481 spectators. Interest in the sport, though gradual and behind many parts of the world, was swelling, with more U.S. communities now in search of general equipment to start enjoying the beautiful game. However, only a limited number of soccer-specific equipment retailers existed at this time, with quality and affordability still leaving much to be desired. Recognizing this and wanting to help grow the game even more in the U.S., a seed was planted, and our story begins.

Original headquarters in Wilmington, CA (1997-2000)

The very next year, in April 1997, Sator Soccer was born. From a small office space in Wilmington, California, Sator Soccer started with a few dozen items that local teams needed the most, with a clear focus on quality manufacturing and accessible pricing. To do its part to help grow the game in the U.S., Sator Soccer believed it started at the youngest levels of play. With this, Sator Soccer set out and partnered with the American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO), becoming its official store, also known as The AYSO Store. As The AYSO Store, Sator Soccer served all AYSO Regions with the very best gear and equipment for 23 years. Today, Sator Soccer is proud to be an Official Partner and the Official Goal Provider of AYSO.


Family owned and operated to this day and now headquartered in a nearly 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Gardena, California, Sator Soccer has served millions of customers nationwide with its ever-expanding line of top-quality goals, coaching aids, field equipment, and more. Our commitment to you is to continue offering the very best equipment at industry-leading prices so you can take your game further. Sator Soccer: For The Next Level.

Headquarters in Gardena, CA (present)


One of the key drivers of grassroots soccer development is the establishment of partnerships between businesses, organizations, and local entities. Sator Soccer recognizes the significance of these partnerships and actively seeks to collaborate with community-based programs, schools, and youth centers to provide support and resources. We are proud to partner and support programs that align with our core values with an emphasis on health, development, and community building through sports. Thank you to all our current and past partners that have helped to drive positive change.