About Us

Founded over 25 years ago, Sator Soccer is a preeminent provider of quality-driven equipment designed to support the next generation of athletes and the ecosystem in which they thrive. Family owned and based in Southern California, Sator Soccer is propelled by its mission of making a positive impact by helping teams across the U.S. reach the next level through innovative, effective, and accessible equipment.

Sator Soccer is proud to offer a wide selection of equipment for all levels of play and practice, including the full line of AGORA goals & accessories, training equipment, field essentials and more at competitive, factory-direct rates plus custom pricing on volume orders.

Valuing quality, teamwork, and a strong commitment to customers, Sator Soccer was rooted in the belief that all athletes and communities seeking to enjoy this beautiful game in a competitive or recreational capacity should have the proper equipment they need to safely play and prepare for it. Through its mission, its values, and alignment with partners who share its principles, Sator Soccer aspires to be a trusted source for the gear teams need to help bring out their best and elevate their game.