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Goal Safety

With movable goals, it's important to always be cautious and aware of the potential hazard of tip-over, which may cause severe or fatal injuries. This is why it is always recommended that you anchor your movable goals at all times.

Please carefully read and share the following Goal Safety Guidelines:

  • Properly anchor movable goals at all times.
  • Alternatively, add adequate counterweight.
  • Never climb/ hang onto goal frame or net.
  • Ensure safety labels are clearly visible.
  • Check all goal hardware before every use.
  • Replace damaged parts immediately.
  • Replace missing parts immediately.
  • Exercise caution when moving goals.
  • Only trained adults should move goals.
  • Instruct designated members on the safe handling of movable goals.
  • When goals are not in use:
    • Remove nets
    • Chain goals to a fence or permanent structure, or disassemble for storage

For more information, download and print our Goal Safety Checklist

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