Portable Soccer Goals

Take Games & Practices Anywhere!

Find the right portable goal to match and support your traveling style of play, whether you're hosting regional tournaments, coaching team practices, or looking to play impromptu pick-up games over the weekend.

Agora Soccer Portable Goals feature a 100% aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum frame - a fraction of the weight of most steel goals - and convenient push-button assembly, in both full size (8'x24') and youth. When games are done, you can easily reverse the push-button assembly process, and store or transport the deconstructed goal. For added hauling ease, most Agora Portable Goals are compatible with most Agora Goal Bags (Please read goal bag specifications and ensure goal compatibility before purchasing).

Designed with transport safety, comfort, and durability in mind, Agora Collapsible Goals give you the ability to play and practice anywhere, anytime!